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Watersoftening salt. What is its purpose?

December 04 2019

Softening salt is used in different forms for the same application: softening (i.e. softening) water, both by industry and private households. The softening salt removes calcium and magnesium from the water. In this way, the life span of appliances and machines that come into contact with the water can be extended.

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Seasalt a luxury product

November 28 2019

Sea salt
Sea salt is regarded as a culinary luxury product compared to the ordinary pot of table salt. Whether in terms of taste or nutritional value, this can be food for discussion (more about that in a nutshell), but the structure and origin make sea salt definitely an attractive ingredient for dishes and spice mixtures.

It is not just any name stuck on it: sea salt is actually extracted directly from the sea or from other salty waters. This is done through the natural process of evaporation. In this way, the salt concentration in the water is slowly but surely increased and eventually the crystals can be collected

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Asphalt deforms quickly in summer: why sprinkling salt helps!

June 11 2019

In a heat wave, the asphalt is severely affected by the extreme heat that remains on the road surface. Many municipalities therefore choose to use salt to prevent serious damage to the road surface and thus efficiently save costs. Spreading salt is an inexpensive and highly effective solution.

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How do you choose the right road salt?

January 28 2019

Road salt is frequently used. Every year, many millions of kilos of road salt are used to keep the roads, parking lots during freezing and snow easily passable.

Salt, however, when inferior in quality, gives the appearance of "safe" spreading that is not right. This can lead to major problems and annoying consequences.

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Organic salt - the sustainable alternative to road salt

April 20 2018

Organic salt. It may seem a bit contradictory: a sustainable road salt. After all, salt is salt. And that by definition is not good for the environment. Nevertheless, bio-salt is more environmentally friendly than traditional road salt, which is mined from nature.

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