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What is bio salt road salt?

Bio salt is a residual product of biodiesel. After producing biofuel, crude glycerine remains. This is further processed into refined glycerine, which releases salt. It is a residual product from another common production process, making the production of this salt much more sustainable. It does not have to be produced separately or extracted from natural sources. This residual product leads to a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions.

Why bio salt road salt?

In view of climate change, the government is striving to purchase products that are 100% sustainable. The aim is to reduce CO2 emissions and to give the sustainability market a strong impulse. An additional advantage is that bio salt is a purely Dutch product, which is of course beneficial for the environmental burden and transport costs.


Is road salt 100% sustainable?

Bio salt is 100% sustainable. There is no need to mine salt and it does not have to be disposed of as a waste product. Bio-salt can be used to combat road slipperiness in a socially responsible way.


Positive reactions to bio-salt road salt

Years ago Eurosalt made headlines in the regional news by providing an environmentally friendly alternative to common road salt. In the meantime, a large number of municipalities in the Netherlands have gained experience with bio-salt. The reactions are unanimously positive. Sustainability and effectiveness can therefore be perfectly combined; also with road salt! In this way, the roads remain safe and a joint contribution is made to a better environment!


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