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Industrial Salt

Sodium chloride. Industrial salt is an important building block for humans and animals.
Eurosalt Industrial Salt. Industrial salt or technical salt is the largest collective term for all sectors where salt is used on an industrial basis. Eurosalt supplies industrial salt from feed to food quality for a wide range of industries. This can be as skin salt, boron salt or intestinal salt but of course there are many other applications for industrial salt imaginable.

In fish processing the industrial salt is used for dry or wet curing of fish. In skin processing, the hides are covered with a few kilos of skin salt to extract moisture and kill bacteria. Industrial salt is an important raw material that is also used in drilling for oil and natural gas. The requirements of the drilling industry are very high and specific, so that both rock salt and vacuum salt in different qualities are used as required. In the textile industry, dyeing salt is used in the manufacture, processing and finishing of fabrics and fabrics. Dye salt ensures that the paint penetrates completely into the fabrics, is better bound and ensures a sophisticated dyeing process.

In short, there are many uses for industrial salts.

Eurosalt offers industrial salt in various grain sizes. K01, K1-2, K03, K2-4, K1-3, K1-5.

In order to be able to guarantee the highest quality for all these salts, Eurosalt only cooperates with producers that meet the requirements for these salt products. Industrial salt meets all applicable standards which guarantees a high quality salt supply.

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