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Food Salt

Food and salt. A good combination.
Salt is an essential component of our diet. Food salt plays an important role in the production and processing of food. Not only as a seasoning, but also as a preservative. Eurosalt offers the food industry a large number of food salt products from renowned manufacturers in bulk and various forms of packaging.

Eurosalt has an extensive range of food salt for the retail and food industry. Varying from various sea salt food salts to vacuum salt food salt, we are at home in all markets.

Nitrite salt
Nitrite salt protects meat products against the growth of bacteria. The nitrite salt enhances the flavour, stabilises the colour and improves the texture of the meat. Due to the high decomposition factor, stains on the meat are prevented. The specially selected grain size ensures a good mix of salt and nitrite. Nitrite salt also increases the shelf life of the meat by slowing down the oxidation of fats and making it more resistant to light and high temperatures.

Table salt
Eurosalt supplies a wide range of food salts in different packaging that are tailored to specific uses in terms of handling and desing. The range of table salt products includes both sea salt and vacuum salt qualities.

Vacuum salt
Vacuum salt in food quality is preferably used in applications where the food salt quickly combines with liquids.

Eurosalt only cooperates with producers that meet the requirements for these products and have the necessary certifications such as HACCP, Kosher, IFS Food, BRC, Halal, which guarantees the supply of high quality products that meet all high standards.

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