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Watertreatment salt

Salt and water softening.
Soft water is needed for various industrial processes, but also in households. Water hardness varies per region. Water softening salt can be used to remove the hardness formers calcium and magnesium from the water. Salt for water treatment is applied at both industrial and private level. Water softeners, water softeners and dishwashers need softening salt or regeneration salt to remove lime from the filters of the ion exchanger.

Eurosalt salt tablets
Eurosalt salt tablets have been specially developed for use in water softening plants. The water softening salt is made of very pure vacuum salt and dissolves easily and without residues in water. Eurosalt salt tablets help to regenerate, prevent limescale deposits and guarantee the correct operation of water softening plants.

Eurosalt only supplies the highest quality softening salt from leading manufacturers such as Akzo, Ineos and Zoutman. You can contact Eurosalt for all your softening salts such as salt tablets, Broxo 6-15, salt blocks, salt pillows and all other variants used for water softening.

For industrial and commercial use in medium and large water softening installations we also offer compacted and coarse water softening salts with optimal usage properties.

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