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What is vacuum salt?
When water is pumped into underground salt layers, brine is produced that rises above them. This brine is purified, removing unwanted minerals to produce an extremely white salt. It is then heated and crystallized into salt under vacuum.

What is vacuum salt used for?
Vacuum salt is used for all kinds of purposes. For example, vacuum salt can be kitchen salt and can therefore be used as a flavour enhancer. Vacuum salt is also used to store products. Vacuum salt is also a commonly used salt form for road salt.

What are the advantages of vacuum salt?
The advantages of vacuum salt come to the fore in the field of salt spreading. Vacuum salt has smaller grains than sea salt and this results in rapid absorption of the brine. As soon as the wet grains touch the road surface, they stick and both the salt and the cars stay on the road.

What is the price of vacuum salt?
The price of vacuum salt in the form of kitchen salt is € 231.75 ex VAT for 1,000 kg. You get a pallet of kitchen salt for this. You can keep this europallet for € 15,00 or give it back for free. The delivery time for kitchen salt is 48 hours.

You can order your kitchen salt here. You can also reach us by phone on +31(0)168 39 32 00!


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