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Thawing agents

What's de-icing salt?

Literally, de-icing salt means salt used for defrosting, to melt snow or ice (on roads). However, there are substantial differences between de-icing salt (thawing grains) and road salt. Thaw grains are made from 46% Urea and road salt is "made" from 98% NaCl.

What are the advantages of de-icing salts over road salt?

Thaw salt works five times faster
Thaw salt works better, longer and more efficiently
A lower dosage of de-icing salt is required
Thawing salt also works at extremely low temperatures, where road salt no longer works
Defrost salt prevents paint damage to cars
Thawing salt does not damage plants and trees in roadside verges and parks because it does not suffocate the roots of the plants. It is in fact a fertilizer.
The freezing of defrost water is prevented by freezing point reduction.
Thawing salt prevents the entry of dirty brine feet.

What is the disadvantage of de-icing salts compared to road salt?

Thaw salt is more expensive than road salt.

How should you sprinkle de-icing salt?

You can sprinkle with de-icing salt if it is slippery (curative). In addition, de-icing salt can be sprinkled before it actually begins to freeze, snow or before black ice falls (preventative). Preventative sprinkling is also carried out regularly before a new snow shower or black ice is expected (repressive).

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