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Salt Storage

While part of the Dutch population hopes for an Elfstedentocht every year, others are happy with softer winters. Especially from a professional point of view, a harsh winter can be disastrous for your business. Despite the many possibilities of weather reports and forecasts, the winter showers in particular can still surprise us. And that calls for action. After all, how do you deal with the challenge of fighting ice? Road salt, also known as road salt, is the solution par excellence. Yet this most commonly used solution can raise several other questions. We are happy to tell you more about how Eurosalt has the answer.

Your responsibility for smoothness control
The Dutch winters are not what they used to be. They are shorter and fiercer than before. Whether it's fighting ice in the municipality or province or at a business park: the surprise effect of the climate sometimes makes this responsibility a real challenge. It is good to imagine that in terms of volume you cannot easily cope with this. Without salt storage, however, you are dependent on the whims of the market.

In addition, storing a salt stock brings with it several other problems. Have you ever thought about this?

Do I have sufficient salt in stock on time?
Do I have enough physical space to store the salt?
What do I do with the salt if the winter does not come?
Salt storage at Eurosalt
At Eurosalt we have been striving to provide you with sufficient salt on time for over 35 years. This is also how we have dealt with the above questions. And with success. We offer security of supply that you need more than you need during heavy winters. How do we do that? Salt with a storage fee.

Security in the form of salt with a storage fee
By opting for external salt storage at Eurosalt, you already eliminate the first two problems. We guarantee timely and sufficient salt and have the physical space. But do you realise that salt storage also costs you money?

Everything you have in stock costs money. With a storage contract you actually "park" a guaranteed quantity of salt. Don't the winter outdoors stay out? Then you don't lose any money on stock and you only pay us a storage fee.

A storage contract with Eurosalt does not only offer you security, but also financial advantages for which you will definitely have another good destination. Smoothness doesn't have to happen to you and your business. So from an economic and safety point of view: better prepared than surprised!

Would you like to order directly or more information? We are happy to help you! Feel free to contact us online or call +31(0)168 39 32 00.

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