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10kg Broxo 6-15

Broxo 6-15 (99x10kg) 990kg on a Europallet

Delivered on euro pallets
1 pallet = 99 x 10 kg (990 kg)
High quality, according to EN 973 type A suitable for water softening of drinking water
long lasting effect, no chemical binders.
Super competitive price and fast shipping throughout the Netherlands.

€ 520,00 ex BTW  (Prijs per 990kg)
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Amount in a package: 1

Pallet Broxo 6-15 (99x10kg) 990kg on a europallet

Buying Broxo salt is easy with!

 The water softening salt called Broxo, extracts calcium and magnesium from the water to soften it in this way.

At the same time, it also increases the efficiency and durability of water treatment plants.

 Water quality is very important and therefore our wide range of water softening salts for professional and home use meets the highest requirements for purity, controlled solubility and microbiological purity and has an extremely low residue content.

 Specific characteristics:
 - 6 to 15 mm
 - Chunks of salt
 - 99,9 % NaCl

 Larger orders or combination shipments? Price on request!
 Save up to 30% per ton on full loads. Call or mail for more information.

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