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What is road salt?
Road salt, also known as road salt, is the salt that is spread on roads in winter to combat slipperiness. Because the salt mixes with the ice or snow, brine is created. Brine has a lower freezing point than ice and snow so it freezes less quickly. This makes it less slippery.

What forms of road salt are there?
There are three types of road salt: sea salt, vacuum salt and rock salt. Eurosalt mainly trades rock salt in road salt. Road salt has a low moisture content and is therefore easy to keep and always ready for use.

Within rock salt road salt, Eurosalt has developed a unique, durable product: K0-1.6 road salt. It is rock salt with a grain size of 0-1.6 mm. We have developed a mix of small and large salt grains, which creates a perfect spreading pattern and makes the road safe quickly and stays safe for a long time. Because of the low moisture percentage, more salt can be transported and the outpouring is more efficient. This can save 10% on the costs of spreading road salt.

How sustainable is road salt?
To determine the sustainability of road salt, energy consumption and transport are decisive. It is more environmentally friendly to use rock salt road salt because it emits less CO2. In order to spread even more environmentally friendly road salt, it is possible to use wet salt.

What is wet salt?
Wet salt is nothing more or less than ready-to-use brine. So the salt is already mixed with water, which makes the melting process faster. Another advantage of sprinkling wet salt is that it does not blow and is more economical. Spreading wet salt is also more environmentally friendly and more economical.

Is fast delivery of road salt possible?
During the winter Eurosalt can deliver road salt within 24 hours or even faster. We have a large stock of road salt and we have several salt depots in the Netherlands and Germany.

Would you like to order road salt or do you have any questions? Please contact us on +31(0)168 39 32 00!

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