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Road salt in the unique Powermelt variant. The Dutch winters nowadays are not as severe as they were years ago. Nevertheless, the whims of the winter season can still surprise us on several levels. For example, every season the news floods us with reports about traffic jams and traffic accidents due to slipperiness. Whether it's a minor collision or a major traffic accident: you want to prevent this at all times. In order to respond to the surprise effect of the weather, in this article we would like to introduce you to the road salt mixture PowerMelt.

The challenge of ice-fighting
The factor that makes combating smoothness a challenge is time. In the time when no action is taken in the event of slipperiness, many traffic accidents can happen. And whether they are large, small or perhaps no accidents: The Netherlands is turned upside down every season due to traffic jams and other restrictions imposed by winter weather.

Fighting slipperiness quickly
So it is important to fight smoothness quickly. With that goal in mind, you will see that not every kind of (sprinkle) salt is equally suitable for this. While salt may seem ordinary salt to you as a layman, there can be many differences in the composition of the product. Our southern neighbours frequently use PowerMelt, an ultimate means of combating smoothness very quickly.

The use of PowerMelt
PowerMelt is a road salt mixture consisting of a large proportion of sodium chloride supplemented with calcium chloride. This combination ensures that it can be used at much lower temperatures. Without the influence of entering traffic, this mixture already reduces the worst slipperiness. It is particularly the calcium chloride that acts as a turbo-charger on the salt. In this way, PowerMelt reduces the freezing point extremely quickly.

The price of the PowerMelt mixture is higher than that of other salts. As indicated above, it is not just any type of salt. The 70% salt content is supplemented with 30% calcium chloride flakes.

So PowerMelt is definitely recommended for a direct effect as well as a prolonged combat against smoothness. At Eurosalt you can easily order this "super road salt" online. Would you like more information? Then we are also happy to help you by phone!

Would you like to order directly or more information? We are happy to help you! Feel free to contact us online or call +31(0)168 39 32 00.

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