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Feed Salt

Salt as feed material
Agricultural salt, also referred to as animal feed salt or mixed salt, is added at compound feed companies and premix companies to ensure that animals receive the correct dosage of salt. Feed salt serves as a raw material for industrially manufactured feed mixes or as a ready-to-use food supplement. Feed salt forms the basis for the health and performance of animals.

Licking bricks
Lickings play an important role as a simple and inexpensive mineral supplement for animals. The animal will lick the stone according to its needs and thus absorb salt. Eurosalt licks are available in 10kg, pure or supplemented with minerals and trace elements.

The Eurosalt range of animal feed salt consists of fine and coarse sea salt, licks and vacuum salt. The range of agricultural salt includes many types of salt suitable for animal feed or agricultural applications.

The Eurosalt animal feed salts meet high quality standards and are manufactured and traded under GMP. Eurosalt also has the SKAL certification.

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