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De-Icing Salt

Road salt. De-icing agent par excellence.
Road salt, also known as road salt, is by far the most commonly used as a solid de-icing agent to combat smoothness. Eurosalt has been supplying high-quality road salt to public and private road authorities since the early 1980s. There are three types of road salt: sea salt, vacuum salt and rock salt. Each road salt has its own product characteristics and spreading properties. We trade in primary rock salt road salt, because rock salt is ideal for both tipper and silo loads and because of its low moisture content it keeps well and is always ready for use.

Safety is at the heart of ice-control: that goes without saying. The quality of road salt is therefore of the utmost importance. But the costs and efficiency must not be lost sight of either. Not every salt is suitable as road salt. The road salt of Eurosalt meets the European standard 16-811 class EF as well as the requirements of the CROW standard.

Bulk. K2 Superior road salt - 10% less spreading costs.
Based on independent research, we developed a unique, durable product: K0-1.6 road salt - rock salt with a grain size of 0 - 1.6 mm. The mix of small and large grains provides a perfect spreading pattern and ensures that the road remains safe in both the short and long term. Due to the low moisture percentage, you transport more salt per spreader and a more efficient outpressure is guaranteed. This results in a practical saving of 10% on spreading costs.

Road salt. Sustainable procurement.
In sustainable purchasing, the environmental aspects of the various road salts have also been assessed. Energy consumption and transport determine the sustainability of road salt. The energy consumption and the associated CO2 emissions are very favorable in the production of rock salt road salt. The emission of CO2 from rock salt is significantly lower than, for example, road salt from vacuum salt.

Road salt. Fast delivery guaranteed.
In a winter season, your salt stock can quickly reduce road salt. We have several salt depots in the Netherlands and Germany. During the winter a 24 hour or even faster delivery is possible. Eurosalt has a large stock of road salt before the start and a permanent supply of road salt during the winter.

Road salt and road salt from Eurosalt.
Road salt or road salt from Eurosalt is of the purest kind that is extracted. These products are guaranteed to be of a constant and high quality whether you choose rock salt or vacuum salt. All road salt complies with the new NEN standard 16-811 and is suitable for all forms of de-icing, i.e. for both curative and preventive spreading.

In addition to bulk deliveries, Eurosalt is also the right address for your packed road salt in bags and buckets.

Spreading wet salt
Brine (NaCl) in liquid form (ready-to-use brine) is widely used in the control of smoothness in a concentration of 20 to 22%. Brine is usually applied to the road surface in the proportion of 70% dry matter (salt) and 30% liquid and in a number of cases only brine is used to combat slipperiness.

Wet salt spreading is nowadays the norm because it speeds up the melting process. Moreover, the salt does not blow off in this way and is also a better method of preventing slipperiness. Moreover, wet salt spreading is more economical and has a much lower impact on the environment.

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