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Slipperiness control 2.0 in the municipality of Teylingen

For years, slipperiness control in the municipality of Teylingen was done in the traditional way. Shovels were loaded from a modest salt store and brine was made with a small dissolver. The whole process was quite time consuming. However, the recent purchase of 2 silos with a solver changes this. The municipality of Teylingen now has a modern, reliable and efficient process for anti-icing conditions and is therefore ready for the future!

The silos, both with a volume of 32 m2, were installed by Eurosalt Winterservices this summer. These glass fiber reinforced silos are placed on a foundation of hot dip galvanized steel. This makes the construction very durable. Together, the silos have a storage capacity of 70 tons of salt.

The solver is used for "sprinkling wet salt". In other words, anti-slipperiness by means of brine. The salt from the silos is dissolved to make brine. In the solver, the salt mixes with water and then flows through a filter to an intermediate storage. Mixing water is automatically added here, so that a dilute salt solution is formed with a constant concentration. The solver has a capacity of 2 m2 brine per hour (with a buffer of 5 m2).

The municipality of Teylingen now has a hypermodern set-up with which the process of anti-icing is taken to a higher level.

Eurosalt Winterservice has a lot of experience in installing silos and solvers. In recent years we have already delivered dozens of installations, with capacities ranging from 32 m2 to 350 m2.

Would you also like to take the next step in slipperiness control? We are happy to provide you with free advice. Contact us now via: +31 168-393200 or

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