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Seasalt a luxury product

Sea salt is regarded as a culinary luxury product compared to the ordinary pot of table salt. Whether in terms of taste or nutritional value, this can be food for discussion (more about that in a nutshell), but the structure and origin make sea salt definitely an attractive ingredient for dishes and spice mixtures.

It is not just any name stuck on it: sea salt is actually extracted directly from the sea or from other salty waters. This is done through the natural process of evaporation. In this way, the salt concentration in the water is slowly but surely increased and eventually the crystals can be collected.

Composition of sea salt
Sea salt is a completely natural product and that is reflected in the composition. Among other things, there is a proportion of magnesium and calcium in the grain, which makes the taste slightly different from the well-known cooking salt. But sea salt consists for the most part of sodium chloride: kitchen salt, indeed. Magnesium and calcium are healthy minerals, but the content is so marginal that the nutritional value of sea salt and common salt (as well as the taste) is almost the same.

Buy high quality sea salt
It is because of the structure, the 'coarseness' and the variation in the grain that sea salt is such a good addition for a variety of nutritional applications, of which the herbal mixes are the best known. Eurosalt supplies high quality sea salt to the food industry on an industrial level. These sea salts are sourced from accredited suppliers all over the world and naturally meet all applicable requirements for the food applications.

By working with large volumes, Eurosalt is able to supply sea salt at favourable conditions: a good price, consistently good quality and a flexible organisation with excellent logistics. Do you have more questions? Please contact us here. We will be happy to help you!

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