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Organic salt - the sustainable alternative to road salt

Organic salt. It may seem a bit contradictory: a sustainable road salt. After all, salt is salt. And that by definition is not good for the environment. Nevertheless, bio-salt is more environmentally friendly than traditional road salt, which is mined from nature. It is a residual product that remains after the production of biofuel. And because this effective salt is a purely Dutch product, the final environmental impact is even more favourable.

Contribution to CO2 performance ladder
In order to minimise the effects of climate change, we must pull out all the stops. From their role as role models, government bodies are therefore striving for a purchasing policy that is 100% sustainable. Through conscious purchasing, they reduce CO2 emissions and give the sustainability market a strong impulse. There is also a good alternative for road salt. Organic salt makes a good contribution to the CO2 performance ladder and is very effective in combating slipperiness. We will explain.

Ordinary road salt vs. bio salt
Ordinary road salt is a natural product: it will run out once and for all. Moreover, like gas extraction, salt production can lead to subsidence of the soil. Sustainable road salt, on the other hand, is produced using a unique and innovative production process. This means that no raw materials are extracted from nature. Because bio-salt is an entirely Dutch product, the environmental impact of transport also remains limited.

Bio salt: residual product of biodiesel
This sustainable salt is released during the production of biodiesel. This is because bio-methanol is used, which is made from crude glycerine. Before this is processed, the superfluous components are removed: salt. By using this residual product, the maximum energy potential is reached. In addition, it leads to a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions.

Municipalities positive about effectiveness
Years ago Eurosalt was in the regional news when it was announced that we were providing an environmentally friendly alternative to regular road salt. In the meantime, a large number of Dutch municipalities have had winter experiences with bio-salt. The reactions are unanimously positive. Sustainability and effectiveness can therefore be perfectly combined: also in road salt. This keeps your roads safe and at the same time contributes to a better environment.

A step higher on the CO2 performance ladder?
Do you want to contribute to a cleaner world and reduce your organisation's footprint? We are happy to think along with you about the possibilities. Please contact us directly via telephone number 01 68 39 32 00.

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