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K2: the best road salt

Effective, cost-effective and NEN-worthy

K2 is the best road salt. It's quite something to say. Yet we are really convinced of that. We developed this road salt on the basis of the results of an independent study. This way you can be sure that its effectiveness is optimal. Just like the safety of your roads under winter conditions. But costs and efficiency also play an important role. K2 also scores well on that point. You save up to 10% on the costs of spreading. And as if that wasn't enough: K2 meets the European NEN standard.

Research into the performance of road salt
It is a well-known phenomenon: in preventive spreading, a considerable part of the salt ends up in the verge. This has everything to do with the grain size of the salt. The particle size is also important for the performance - and therefore the safety - of road salt. To find out which salt works best, the provinces of Overijssel, Gelderland and Rijkswaterstaat commissioned an objective study. The conclusion: rock salt with a grain size between 0 and 1.6 mm performs best.

K2: superior road salt with 10% less spreading costs
Based on this outcome we developed a unique, sustainable product: K2. A rock salt with a grain of 0 - 1.6 mm. The mix of small and large grains provides a perfect spreading pattern and ensures that the road remains safe in both the short and long term. Because of the low moisture percentage, you transport more salt per spreader and a more efficient pressure is guaranteed. This results in a practical saving of 10% on spreading costs.

Does your road salt meet the NEN standard?
These days, road authorities cannot buy and spread salt indiscriminately. Since last year, road salt must meet a new NEN standard: the NEN-EN 16811-1. This standard lays down conditions for road salt at the European level. In terms of grain size, it must fall within one of the mentioned classes. The NEN standard is not so well known yet, but can have major consequences for both road authorities and suppliers. K2 falls within the NEN standard in the EF class and is therefore guaranteed to be efficient and effective.

How much can you save?
In short: K2 road salt is really the best alternative. Would you like to know more here? Or would you like to calculate how much you can save on your spreading costs? Then please contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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