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Interview Brine plant


Eurosalt Winter Services has in November inaugurated a new brine plant in Hattemerbroek. Thanks to this fully automatic brine maker, Eurosalt is able to build up and manage its own brine stock for the control of slipperiness on the roads of Gelderland and far beyond.

The brine plant has been designed and built by Eurosalt itself. The concept had previously been developed by the Moerdijk salt company, but this new installation is significantly larger than earlier versions. The plant consists of two silos in which 40 tons of salt goes, per silo'', shows Sietze de Waard, commercial manager at Eurosalt. They are located on a concrete basement where between 700 and 800 cubic metres of brine is used.

To make brine, the salt must be dissolved in water. This is done in a high-speed dissolver. At 10 to 15 cubic meters per hour. Then it's poured into the cellar until it's full. When brine is tanked for sprinkling, the process starts again. That happens automatically, without human intervention'', says De Waard.

This year Eurosalt will supply the road salt and brine for fighting ice in Gelderland. The new brine plant was built so as not to be dependent on external producers. It functions 'stand alone' and can be monitored remotely. Sietze de Waard: There's a measuring system in the silos that sends a text message when the salt falls below a certain level. That works interactively. We can also retrieve the levels ourselves, so that we know exactly when it is best to send a truck with salt to refill the silos. We can also see how much is in the storage cellar. If there's a malfunction in the system, the installation reports it itself.''

Eurosalt Winter Services designs and builds these brine installations for other parties as well. They are corrosion resistant, low-maintenance and resistant to extreme weather conditions. For more information please contact us on +31(0)168 39 32 00.

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