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 Prepared for de-icing even in warmer winters

We hardly notice it anymore when the temperature stays above 10 degrees for weeks in winter. The hat stays in the closet, we only skate on artificial rinks and the gritters stay inside. Still, it's important to be alert for sudden slipperiness and to always have enough salt in stock. Because a shortage of road salt causes accidents.

The weather is erratic. The fact that the climate is slowly warming up is a fact, but doesn't mean that winters will always be as extremely mild as this year. Sudden cold is still a real possibility in the Netherlands. The smoothness on the roads is best dealt with as long as we are sufficiently prepared. And that means, among other things, maintaining road salt availability. Stock up on time!


Availability road salt

We have seen a few times in recent history how much inconvenience comes from too tight supplies. Demand in the severe winters of 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 was so high that the mining companies reached their maximum production capacity. Sufficient sea salt was available overseas, but it took quite some time before the gritted salt stock in the Netherlands was back to normal. Due to this scarcity, sufficient attention was paid to availability in the following years and ample salt was stored for spreading.

After a couple of mild winters, the readiness is collapsing again. It is tempting to cut back on salt and salt storage when the urgency seems to have disappeared for a while, but that is gambling with the calamity service. After all, the most critical situations on the road arise when a sudden change of weather comes as a surprise. If you can't immediately switch from the sure availability of good quality road salt to road salt, you are too late.


Tailor-made contract
You don't have to maintain a large stock of road salt yourself to be well prepared for any slippery conditions, as long as you know for sure that your supplier can deliver road salt on time and in sufficient quantities. At Eurosalt we offer tailor-made contracts. This makes it possible to reserve a certain quantity and ensures availability.

When the salt is actually purchased, it is paid for.

Our advice is to always take a critical look at the need that may arise and to adjust the contract accordingly. In addition, spreading the purchase is the key word. If stock is used up, do not wait until several shipments have passed through it, but order immediately the quantity needed to fully replenish the salt stock. Then it is unlikely that you will ever get it wrong or delivered too late.


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