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As a subsidiary of Eurosalt Handelmaatschappij BV we are active in ice-fighting and related products. In cooperation with GMR (link), we combat slipperiness on roads and on business premises in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Moerdijk and Antwerp.

An important customer of our service is the chemical industry. These companies often purchase salt from us for their processes. During the winter, we keep their companies rideable with our salt and spreaders. For both services we meet the required quality and we deliver according to the strict requirements of the chemical industry. We also supply sustainable products for the storage (salt silo) of road salt and the production of brine, as well as the educational background in the form of winter service training.

Brine installations and brine tanks
Eurosalt is proud to have a partnership with VLM for the Dutch market in the production of brine installations and buffer tanks for ready-to-use salt solutions.

The salt dissolver is a fully automatic installation for the production of brine (NaCl solutions) from road salt and has the advantage that the dry salt and the brine are stored and produced in one compact unit. The brine dissolver is suitable for the standard common road salt without the need for additional additives or manipulation.

Depending on your requirements, our salt dissolvers are available in different sizes and the hourly capacity can also be made according to your personal requirements.

For your specific wishes and questions, our experts will be happy to advise you.

One partner for your salt solution
Eurosalt takes care of the total project: from an orientation meeting and making the construction plan to the implementation of the brine installation and/or buffer tank as a real full-service provider.

Salt silo. Storage of your salt
For the Dutch and German market Eurosalt has a partnership with Polem (link) for salt silos and buffer tanks made of glass fibre reinforced plastic. Due to the modern production method, continuous filament winding, a seamless transition can be made between the cylinder and the hopper during the production process. The result is a perfect product outflow of the salt silo. Thanks to years of experience, an extremely modern production process and the permanent monitoring of the production quality, Eurosalt, together with Polem, is the reliable and flexible partner for your salt silo.

Advantages of GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic) salt silos and buffer tanks

GRP silos and tanks are insensitive to corrosion.
Perfect product flow due to the seamless transition and ultra smooth walls.
GRP salt silos have a high insulation value and are therefore insensitive to condensation.
GRP is UV resistant and requires hardly any maintenance.
Long service life due to a protective structural layer that counteracts the influence of the elements.
GRP salt silos are light and therefore easy to transport and install.
Resistant to extreme weather conditions so the materials remain dry and safely stored.
Depending on the desired application, the salt silos can be placed on a low or high steel construction, in accordance with the applicable standards. The silos are available with a capacity of 10 to 500m³ and materials with a bulk weight up to a maximum of 1.8 to³ can be stored in them without any problems.

Would you like to order directly or more information? We will be happy to help you! Feel free to contact us online or call +31(0)168 39 32 00.


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