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25kg GMP+ Feedsalt K0-1

GMP+ Feedsalt K0-1 (50x25kg)


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Eurosalt GMP+ feed salt rock salt or sea salt with a grain of 0-1mm, also called agricultural salt. For years a familiar feed product in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Convince yourself, order now!

Eurosalt feed salt is added by farmers and animal feed / compound feed companies to ensure that animals get the right amount of salt. In addition, it is of course used to add flavour to the feed. After all, without the use of feed salt, the feed is less tasty. As a result, less feed is eaten and an animal naturally grows less quickly.

Another advantage of salt is its economic effect on the animals. Salt retains moisture, making the animals weigh more heavily and ultimately produce more in terms of weight. Our GMP+ certified agricultural salt / feed salt is supplied in bags of 25kg, with 50 bags per Europallet.

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