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Watersoftening salt. What is its purpose?

Softening salt is used in different forms for the same application: softening (i.e. softening) water, both by industry and private households. The softening salt ensures that calcium is removed from the water. In this way, the life span of appliances and machines that come into contact with the water can be extended.


Hard and soft water

Although of excellent quality, tap water in large parts of the Netherlands is rich in calcium. In other words, lime. This lime can cause (and eventually: gát) blockages and damage industrial and household machines and appliances. Softer water also requires less soap or detergents and descaled water leaves less scale. See there the benefits of water softening: both the life and efficiency of the equipment is increased.


Water softening salt composition

Softening salt (also called regeneration salt) is used in water softeners and water softening plants. This regeneration or softening salt must be as pure as possible for the cleaning effect. It is 99.8 percent NaCl, the composition (sodium chloride) that we all know from our kitchen salt. Salt for water softening is only coarser in structure, to prevent 'clogging'. You can buy softening salt as tablets, chunks, large grains or pads. The effect is the same; it is the mechanism of the water softener or the installation that determines the preference for the shape.


Buy softening salt

Eurosalt supplies softening salt to industry and individuals. Our softening salt, in all its forms, meets the highest requirements for purity and controlled solubility, with an extremely low residue content. The water quality is therefore guaranteed not to suffer from the use of softening salt. Eurosalt can deliver in large volumes and therefore offers favourable prices, constant quality and optimal logistics from a flexible organization.

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